My entry for the “Dumb Running Sonic” Tumblr blog.
Random sculpt I did for a friend. 

Walter White / Heisenberg / Bryan Cranston’s portrait from AMC’s Breaking bad. Modeled and rendered in Zbrush. Music by Los Cuates De Sinaloa, Negro Y Azul from a Breaking Bad episode.

Another render of Walter White/Bryan Cranston from AMC’s Breaking Bad.
Walter White from AMC’s Breaking Bad played by Bryan Cranston. Took about a week to model and then 3 months of tweaking to complete. 

Animation Test #1 for a short project.


Demo reel 2010 Pedro Nogueira. My personal and professional work from 2010. The Mimosa and Bollycao animations were made for TV advertisements by pixmix studio. The reel has some Arch-viz renders with models by Mafalda Junqueiro, Nuno Madeira, Daniel Rolo and Filipa Matos. All the other animations were random exercises for the 3d Modeling and animation course at CIEAM.Music by Sufjan Stevens.

Hobbes by Pedro Nogueira

A turn table of Hobbes. A tribute to Calvin and Hobbes by Pedro Nogueira.

Japanese electric pole #1. Took about one week to model.
Random error #2

Fragmentation test.